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For 16 years we’ve been unlocking the potential of organizations in Central Europe.

We build employee engagement through workplace consulting.


A perfectly fitted offer is only possible with previous research of our client organization. Just as in the case of new product release, without prior target audience analysis there are only two options – accidental success or total failure. Thanks to organization and work style research, we can find the right solutions and apply them adequately.

Interior design

Drawing the correct conclusions about the space is not possible without specific knowledge. Our architects have not only the industry qualifications, but also the knowledge in building workplaces that boost employee efficiency.

Change management

People have a natural tendency for fear of change. Fighting deeply embedded habits is difficult, and any attempt to enforce different behavior is usually met with rejection. However, there is no progress without change. That’s why it’s very important to take care of the people in the organization, educate them and give them a sense of comfort.

Workplace can help in implementing your business strategy.

Organization flexibility
Increased employee efficiency
Attracting top talents
Cost optimization
Our work

The culture of customization

There is no golden rule for creating an office, school or food court in a shopping mall. Each space is different, just as each organization has its own unique culture. Therefore we approach each project individually and look for ways to increase the efficiency of a given area with respect to its surroundings and all users.

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What we do:

Workplace consultancy

A comprehensive service focused on defining the needs of the organization. We observation the activities inside the organization, talk with employees and tailor suitable solutions to create the best strategy for your business.

Office design

Because every organization is different, we work with you to build the project that will support your employees full potential. We appreciate your space and help you to see it differently.

Office relocation

Only for our regular partners. Business relocation can be an excellent opportunity to refresh the space and style of work. Because we believe that the change doesn’t have to interfere with daily work of your office, we adjust our work to your organization.

Space planning

Do you use your space effectively? Do you really need to rent so many floors? Do you feel the lack of space, despite having a large workplace? Properly designed space is the key to efficient business.

Office furniture

We believe that you should leave the office healthier everyday. In our work, we want not only to provide the most relevant solutions for your organization, but also deliver a high quality service to build long-term relationships.