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Trends spotted on NeoCon 2019

NeoCon 2019 is over. After 3 days, couple of thousands steps, several dozens of cups of water, few glasses of bourbon and hundreds of photos taken here are the general trends we spotted there.

Space as an experience

It clearly shows that market leaders are continuing to create comprehensive experiences for users/workers/groups. To do that they are using not only furniture, flooring or technology but enhance that with thoughtful interior architecture, service. The best spaces were telling stories but were also giving people a chance to immerse themselves into the experience. The typical way is to touch and feel the products and listen to the product story. This has been extended from best exhibitors with lighting, music, catering services, technology, multimedia, accessories. On the other hand, there were companies who remained in the old world of simple product display – which we believe is not enough.

Workcafe Steelcase


Herman Miller


Color and form is a state of mind

For people fond of minimalistic calm spaces this might have been a tough time at NeoCon. For us definitely not – we like colors, too! Shapes, forms, inspirations, colors have been enhancing the look of many spaces. Some of the accessories included wood, stone, marble, copper, gold, thick rugs, vintage items. All of this makes places more human and rich.


Shaw Contract

Andreu World – Mediterranian Inspirations




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